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FEED Media Art Center

Established in 2022, FEED Media Art Center is a digital arts incubator devoted to the production, exhibition and preservation of all forms of media art.

FEED Media Art Center

FEED Media Art Center is a digital arts incubator based in Erie, PA. FEED is home to an unparalleled collection of technologies supporting the production, preservation and exhibition of media art. FEED provides artists with support including studio residencies, tools, exhibitions and mentorship.

We promote the exhibition, teaching, innovation and preservation of media art, serving to connect communities in downtown Erie to the rest of the world.

FEED hosts multiple large scale media art exhibitions throughout the year. FEED’s galleries are flexible, configured with modular infrastructure allowing for radical transformation between shows.

Our entire building is focused on the public exhibition of media art. Even during renovation, FEED is staging pop-up events in our garage-gallery, storefront windows, and raw halls.

During their residencies, artists have opportunities to interact with local communities in Erie PA as well as global audiences through workshops, lectures and exhibitions. FEED’s artists also develop community-driven art projects in Erie.

FEED serves as a regional hub for local and global media arts enthusiasts. FEED offers a year-round destination for the CLE/BUF/PIT metro region.

While undergoing renovation, FEED has enjoyed support from the City of Erie and has welcomed hundreds of visitors for a variety of arts and related events.

At FEED, the value of what we do is equivalent to the value of how we do it. We are committed to building an inclusive culture around media art that responds to the world that we live in today.

FEED's redevelopment efforts in downtown Erie create jobs and help catalyze the local economy through placemaking projects, innovative technology development and tourism.

FEED is building a specialized data center which serves a global network for the preservation and storage of digital media art.

FEED celebrates:


Inclusivity – social, aesthetic, and interpersonal

Mutuality + Respect

Ecological sustainability

Honoring the past, responding to the present and imagining the future

Telling new stories

Art’s ability to transform culture


1307 State Street
Erie, PA 16501
+1 (814) 240-1080

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